Why do I pay a double shipping fee?
We try to put in as many plants as possible in one box. However, every box has its limits. According to the size of the plants in your cart our website will calculate how many boxes we need to ship out your complete order. When we need more than one box to ship your total order an extra shipping fee will be calculated at the check out. At the check out there will also be a notification visible telling you not all plants fit in one box. According to this, you can always alter your shopping basket.
Can I change my address after completing the order?

After your have finished your order we can only change the shipped address up to a certain point. Changing the address is only possible before we have processed your order*. At that stage we have not yet informed the nursery and shipping company. Changing your address in not a problem in that case.
Once we have processed your order or if your package has already been shipped out, making changes in the shipping address is no longer possible. The risks of changing an address are far too great. We apologies for the inconvenience.

If we notice an error in your address, or if we have doubts we will of course contact your before we process your order. As you could understand this might cause a little delay.

*If you want or need to change the shipping address please e-mail us directly after you have finalized your order in our shop. You can e-mail us on Please provide all the correct information, including your order number, at once to avoid delays. We bear no responsibilities for sort of delay or damage caused by an incorrect addresses being filled out at the check out.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs per country can be found below. Shipping costs can vary per country. The correct shipping costs will always be visible in your cart at the check out. Most of the plants we sell in our shop can be combined and shipped together in one box. When you have too many plants in your cart, or the plants are too big to combine an extra box is calculated. At the check out you’ll also see a notice about this. In that case shipping costs might be doubled. 

All plants are shipped from The Netherlands with PostNL. In some countries (other than The Netherlands) PostNL will deliver the package. In other countries PostNL might co-operate with other transit companies for delivery to your home. 

Country Shipping costs Free shipping
The Netherlands €6,99 €100
Belgium €8,99 €200
Luxembourg €12,99 €200
France €13,99 €200
Germany €9,95 €200
Austria €11,99 €200
Switzerland €27,99 €200
Denmark €16,99 €200
Norway €21,99 €200
Sweden €23,99 €200
Finland €17,99 €200
Ireland €21,99 €200
Italy €14,99 €200
Spain €14,99 €200
Portugal €14,99 €200
Czech Republic €12,99 €200
Hungary €13,99 €200
Croatia €34,99 €200
Poland €14,99 €200
Lithuania €22,99 €200
Latvia €20,99 €200
Slovenia €24,99 €200
Slovakia €12,95 €200
Estonia €25,99 €200
Bulgaria €37,99 €200
Romania €26,99 €200
Greece €29,99 €200
Cyprus €32,99 €200
Malta €0 €0


The soil products which can be found in our shop are shipped with DPD, straight from our home office. Plants and soil products can therefore not be combined. The shipping fee from DPD may vary per country. The exact shipping costs for soil products with DPD will become visible at the check out. 

Which shipping company do you use?

All our plants will be shipped from The Netherlands with PostNL, our national postal service. Within The Netherlands and Belgium, PostNL is delivers all packages themselves. In other countries PostNL will work together with partnering transport companies to deliver the package at your home.

Our soil products will be shipped from our home office with DPD. In most countries DPD has it own network of transport. In some countries they might co-operate with other shipping companies to deliver the package to your home.

As the plants are shipped directly from the nurseries and the soil products from our home office, these products cannot be combined in one package. 

Do I get a tracking code to follow my package?

Yes, of course! Once your package is ready to be shipped you’ll receive an email with tracking code. The information in the tracking will be updated often, showing you the most recent information. On the day of delivery a ‘delivery window’ is shown, so you know when to expect your package.

How long does shipping take to my country?

Shipping time varies per countries. Shipping can take longer when the final destination is further away from The Netherlands. Please find below an indication* of shipping times:

The Netherlands: 1-3 workdays
Belgium: 1-3 workdays
Luxembourg: 2-5 workdays
Germany: 2-5 workdays
Ireland: 2-5 workdays
France: 3-6 workdays
Denmark: 3-6 workdays
Austria: 3-7 workdays
Italy: 3-7 workdays
Croatia: 3-7 workdays
Cyprus: 3-7 workdays
Czech Republic: 3-7 workdays
Malta: 3-7 workdays
Portugal: 3-7 workdays
Sweden: 3-7 workdays
Hungary: 3-7 workdays
Poland: 3-7 workdays
Romania: 3-7 workdays
Slovenia: 3-7 workdays
Slovakia: 3-7 workdays
Bulgaria: 4-7 workdays
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: 4-7 workdays
Greece: 4-7 workdays
Spain: 4-7 workdays
Finland: 4-7 workdays
Norway: 5-7 workdays *
Switzerland: 5-7 workdays *

Please know that these transit times are just an indication. Meaning that most of the packages send are delivered within this timeframe, but a shorter or longer delivery time is always possible.

*Shipping to Norway and Switzerland will become available within a couple of weeks. Keep an eye out on our social media or newsletter for updates!

My order is missing a product, what can I do?

We’re sorry to hear your order is not complete. If a plant or a pot is missing please email us directly on: Always send us: a photo of the plant, the packing slip and the box. Once an incomplete order is confirmed by us we will still send you this product. All claims for missing products must be made within 48 hours after receiving.

I haven’t received my order, what can I do?

When your order is shipped out from the nursery you’ll receive an email with track&trace code. If you haven’t received this email, please check your spam box. If you’re sure this email has not reached you, you can of course always contact us at We’ll be happy to send the link to you.

The tracking information is not updating, what can I do?
There might be a (short) delay in the shipping process or there could be an interruption in the system of the transport company. Don’t worry all too much straight away. Check the tracking information at a later moment that day again. If there’s no new information within 1 or 2 days, please contact us at:

The tracking information indicates that my order is delivered, but I haven’t received anything. What can I do?
If the information shows up as ‘package delivered’ but you haven’t received you parcel, please always check at your surrounding neighbors. Sometimes a parcel will be delivered at your neighbors when you’re not at home. If you’re sure the parcel is not delivered, please contact us directly at: (always within 48 hours). We will contact the transport company to see if we can get some clarity. If it would happen that your parcel is lost we’ll send out a new parcel to your address.

Delays in shipping
Please do know that delays in the shipping process are always possible and can’t be avoided completely. In the last couple of years we’ve seen delays at shipping companies on and off. If you’re ordering a plant for a special occasion, make sure to purchase the plant ahead of time. Especially during important holidays delays are possible. If you’re package has been delivered too late, make sure to contact us to see if there is any kind of compensation possible.
If your package couldn’t be delivered due to one of the following reasons, claims can’t be processed: incorrect address provided by the customer, package is denied by the customer, package has not been collected at the parcel shop within the given time frame.

What if my package is delayed?

Normally packages are delivered within the normal shipping time indicated. It can always happen that packages have a (short) delay. Always keep an eye on your track&trace information. Are you worried sick? Feel free to contact us at: and we’ll do our best to help you out.

If a delay happens, in most cases this is during the various holidays throughout the year. However in recent year we’ve also seen that Covid-19 sometimes causes delays, due to conflicting regulations in different countries or shortness of staff at the transport companies. The postal services will do their utmost best to deliver all packages on time, but (short) delays can never be avoided completely unfortunately.

In some cases a compensation is applicable. If your order arrives late, please contact us directly (or within 48 hours at last) at We will contact PostNL and see if there is a reason for the delay and if a compensation is valid. Please know that only PostNL can make a final decision on any kind of compensation, this is not a guarantee of any kind.

When do you ship my order?

Once we receive your order, it will be processed within 1 to 5 work days. Orders that have been processed are normally shipped within 1 to 3 workdays, from Monday to Friday. These rules apply for all countries we ship to.

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