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Fish Force is a natural fish-based plant nutrient for plants in the growth phase. This growth supplement promotes rapid growth, green leaves and high resistance. Fish Force is rich in nitrogen, amino acids and vitamins.

Content: 500ml

The advantages of Fish Force
  • Stimulates and accelerates growth.
  • Can also be used for mother plants.
  • Stimulates the production of chlorophyll.

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Fish Force – additive

Substrate enhancer

For fast growth, green leaves and high resistance

Fish Force is a natural food based on fish, for plants in the growth phase. This growth nutrient ensures fast growth, green leaves and a high resistance. Fish Force is rich in nitrogen and amino acids.
Combine Fish Force with Plagron Vita Race for an optimal stimulation of chlorophyll for health and lush plants!
As Fish Force is an all natural products its usable with any Plagron fertilizer. Now you just need to figure out if you want to go 100% natural with Alga Grow or whether you prefer Terra Grow.

User instruction

Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 10 ml Fish Force per 1 liter of water (1:100). Use this nutrient solution weekly in the growth phase. We advise to use Fish Force in the early morning. Make sure the room where you use the product is well ventilated the entire day as Fish Force (as the name suggests) might smell a little fishy.
If you have some of the mixture left over you can keep it until 48 hours after. How ever, as there is a bit of a smell to the product we advise to dispose any residue right away and make a new batch once you need it.


Water, hydrolyzed fish proteins. NPK (3-6-2) 2.9% Total nitrogen (N) of which 2.9% organically bound nitrogen from fishmeal, 6.3% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅), 1.8% water-soluble potassium oxide ( K₂O).

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Transport upright and store in a dark place. Storage temperature: 0 – 35°C. Can be stored for 24 hours after dissolving in water.

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